Helminthiasis doh

Central America Helminthiasis doh, Honduras, Amebiasis, dysentery, diarrhea, typhoid, viral Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama hepatitis A, cholera, three-day malaria, the dogs and bats infected with rabies.

helminthiasis doh

South America with mild climate Argentina, Salmonellosis, helminthiasis, typhoid, viral Uruguay, Chile hepatitis, the outbreaks of malaria, leishmaniasis, anthrax.

Malaria, tick-borne typhoid and mosquito fever are noted either.

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Northern Europe from England to Estonia and Helminthiasis, hepatitis A, salmonellosis, Ukraine rarely - cholera, tick-borne encephalitis. Southern Europe from Bulgaria to Portugal Dysentery, diarrhea, typhoid, salmonellosis.

Also registered - brucellosis, cholera, hepatitis A, flea and tick typhus and mosquito fever. Australia, New Zealand Viral encephalitis, outbreaks of Dengue fever in some areas.

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Periodically- Turkey, etc. Southeast Asia Brunei, Indochina, Indonesia, Cholera, diarrhea, hepatitis A, B and E, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines dysentery, typhoid fever, helminthiasis, malaria, epidemics of dengue fever, Japanese encephalitis. Risk of rabies infection in some areas.

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Malaria and Dengue in some places.