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Experienţă preliminară pentru screeningul cancerului de sân National screening for cervical cancer. In Romania, cervical cancer is a public health issue, women being diagnosed annually with this disease, of which will die.

The incidence is three times higher than UE average.


A total of women are hpv hpv cancer frequency frequency with breast cancer annually, and deaths reaches Another causes are represented by the low level of health education and the difficult access to some medical ser­vices and adequate treatments. Materials and method. World Health Organization and European Cancer Leagues re­com­mend, among the preventing measures for cervical can­cer scientifically proven to be effective, the screening for active hpv cancer frequency detection, along with HPV vaccination.

The Minis­try of Health, through the national program for the active early detection, reinitiated the screening campaign through im­pro­ving the informing level regarding cervical cancer, and the access facilitation for a large number of women for per­for­ming free Babeş-Papanicolaou testing Ministry of Health Order no.

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If in a two-year period at IOB there had been performed maximum 20 tests and none inafter the col­la­bo­ra­tion with the Patriarchy women have been tested bet­ween and Of these, 7. A breast clinical exam was also performed in women. The patients are not sufficiently informed regarding the necessity and utility of the screening.

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The collaboration between the family doctors and the local au­tho­rities was essential for the actions coordinated by IOB and the Romanian Patriarchy. The publicity realized within pari­shes made by the Patriarchy decisively contributed to the increase of the number of patients compliant to screening. Thus, late diagnostication leads to serious consequences, both on survival chances and quality of life, but also on social and financial resources assigned by the Romanian state for the management of each case and at the institutional level.

In the future, it is necessary a larger mediatic coverage from the Ministry of Health along with local authorities and family doc­tors, the solution being represented by inviting letters hpv cancer frequency scre­ening participation.

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Cancerul de col uterin reprezintă o problemă de sănătate publică în România, anual fiind diagnosticate de femei hpv cancer frequency înregistrate de hpv cancer frequency. Incidenţa este de trei ori mai mare decât media ratei din UE. Rata mare a cazurilor de cancer diagnosticate în stadiu avansat este cauzată de lipsa screeningului organizat, România fiind una dintre puţinele ţări europene care nu are încă implementat un program de screening pentru cancerul de sân.

Alte cauze sunt reprezentate de nivelul scăzut al educaţiei privind menţinerea stării de sănătate şi de accesul dificil la anumite ser­vi­cii medicale şi tratamente adecvate.

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Materiale şi metodă. Or­ga­ni­za­ţia Mondială a Sănătăţii şi European Cancer Leagues re­co­man­dă screeningul pentru depistarea activă precoce şi vac­ci­na­rea HPV printre măsurile de prevenire a cancerului dovedite ştiin­ţi­fic ca fiind eficiente. Ministerul Sănătăţii, prin programul na­ţio­nal pentru depistarea activă precoce, a reînceput campania de screening, prin hpv cancer frequency nivelului de informare privind can­ce­rul de col şi facilitarea accesului unui număr mare de fe­mei la testarea gratuită Babeş-Papanicolau Ordinul M.

Dacă timp de doi ani în IOB s-au realizat maximum 20 de recoltări, iar în nicio re­col­ta­re, după începerea colaborării cu Patriarhia Ortodoxă Ro­mână s-au testat de femei, în perioada La de paciente s-a realizat şi un examen clinic al sâ­ni­lor. Pacientele nu sunt încă suficient informate cu privire la necesitatea şi utilitatea screeningului.

Genul care îți apar negi pe chestie și cancer ovarian.

Colaborarea dintre medicul de familie şi autorităţile locale a fost esenţială pentru desfăşurarea acţiunii coordonate de IOB şi Patriarhie. Me­dia­ti­za­rea prin parohii realizată de Patriarhie a contribuit decisiv la creşterea numărului de paciente aderente la hpv cancer frequency.

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Astfel, diag­nos­ti­ca­rea tardivă ajunge să aibă consecinţe majore, atât asu­pra speranţei de supravieţuire şi a calităţii vieţii, cât hpv cancer frequency asupra re­sur­se­lor financiare şi sociale alocate de statul român pentru ma­nage­mentul fiecărui caz în parte şi la nivel de sistem.

Pe viitor, hpv cancer frequency necesară o implicare mediatică mai mare a Ministerului Să­nă­tă­ţii alături de autorităţile locale, soluţia fiind scrisorile de in­vi­ta­re la participarea la screening. Cuvinte cheie screening cancer col cancer sân Introduction Cervical cancer is the most frequent neoplasia of the genital area in women and the second cause of mortality, after breast cancer.

Annually, there are diagnosed approximatelynew cases of cervical cancer worldwide.

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The screening program for cervical cancer is meant to discover premalignant lesions which can be removed before the onset of cancer or an early-staged cancer that is easier to treat In Romania, cervical cancer is a public health issue, being the second most frequent type of cancer in women between 15 and 44 years old.

Annually, women are diagnosed hpv cancer frequency this disease, of which will die 3.

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In our country, there are 6 million women between 25 and 64 years old, more thanliving in Bucharest-Ilfov region. Between andmore thanwomen The total number of tests performed in was 42, which means an annual coverage rate of eligible aged persons of 7. The number of Babeş-Papanicolaou test to be made in one year of this program should be approximatelyIn Bucharest-Ilfov, the rate was 5.

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In contrast, other countries have significantly higher participation rates: Norway — The transition area between the two categories of cells transformation area is the most frequent site of preneoplastic lesions. The evolution towards cancer is slow, in years.

Therefore, it is important to make a Babeş-Papanicolaou test HPV infection is transmitted through sexual intercourse and preceds with a few years the development of intraepithelial lesions which can evolve to cervical cancer. The infection does not mean that the person will develop cervical cancer.


Most lesions are asymptomatic and transient. Preneoplastic lesions and cervical cancer in early stages can be found at the periodic Babeş-Papanicolaou exam years. World Health Organization WHO and European Cancer Leagues recommend, among the preventing measures for cervical cancer scientifically proven to be effective, the screening hpv cancer frequency active early detection, along with HPV vaccination 2.

The Ministry of Health, through the national program for the active early detection, reinitiated the screening campaign through improving the informing level regarding cervical cancer, and the access facilitation for a large number of hpv cancer frequency for performing free Babeş-Papanicolaou testing. Thus, women can benefit of free testing if they are aged between 25 and 64 years, regardless they are insured through the national security system; the patients must not have a confirmed diagnosis of cervical cancer and must be asymptomatic Ministry of Health Order no.

National screening for cervical cancer. Preliminary experience for breast cancer screening

For screening, there can be used the Babeş-Papanicolaou exam Pap that uses lamellar cytology or liquid-based cytology. The check-up must cum provin algoritmii de la viermii copiilor? repeated at months.

If normal, the patient will be reviewed in three years. Thus, the efficiency of HPV testing is much more sensitive than Babeş-Papanicolaou cytology in determining CIN2 lesions at the screening programs, but it increases the number of colposcopies performed due to hpv cancer frequency high rate of HPV persistence The beneficiaries are women from Ilfov county, and the purpose is the early detection of cancer cervix, breast, colonic-rectal etc.

The action has the approval of Ilfov Sanitary Direction and is performed in authorized medical practices of family doctors from this local areas. We mention that in no woman had been tested at IOB, but from the beginning of collaboration with the Romanian Patriarchy, women were tested inwhich means According to Ministry of Health data, in there were tested women in Ilfov county, and in the coverage rate of investigations was 5.