Ovarian cancer new treatment

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These general objectives are based on the following scientific ovarian cancer new treatment Os1: Cultivation of 3 soybean varieties in 3 systems of soil cultivation and characterization of soybean chemical profile; Os2: Evaluation of the toxicological impact of nanoparticles in soybean and the development of a biosensor to identify titanium, zinc and gold nanoparticles accumulated in the plant and grain; Os3: Selection of lactic bacteria and optimization of fermentative processes on soybean and wheat substrate, by mathematical modeling, for the production of polyols to reduce sugar addition in food; Os4: Microinjection of the consortium of lactic bacteria by atomization, envelope aseptic packaging for industrialization; Os5: Educational program on nutrition with soy products, based in the community.

The main impact of this proposal is reflected by the creation of new jobs for researchers, sustainable and after the completion of the project, by expertise the human resources and by training the young researchers in modern techniques for the re-launch of SCDA Turda. Read more Smart polyelectrolyte multilayer capsules for controlled release of bioactive compounds Call name: P 1 - Ovarian cancer new treatment 1.

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